How To sync an iPhone with iTunes?

This issue is a very common issue with iTunes many people are struggling with this issue. It is often the case that you need to sync your iPhone with iTunes cause there is a problem with your iPhone. Let’s look into this annoying issue and give you the guide how to sync your iPhone with iTunes.

Itunes does not recognize iPhone

I believe that many people faced this issue a lot. You just plug your iPhone into your windows computer or MAC and nothing happens. The first thing to do here is to check if iTunes is up to date, go to options and click on update iTunes, of this not works install iTunes from Apple’s website and it will repair or update.

Then force a restating process on your iPhone before connecting it to your computer by USB. In case it still does not work. You need to take your iPhone and do a hard reset, this can be done by holding the home button + power button + Volume down for 10 seconds. Your iPhone will restart now and delete all cache and other timely stuff that you do not need.

When Sync Still Not Work

Now, plugin your iPhone by USB, you will get a popup with “Trust this computer” make sure you will press yes trust this computer, now look on your iPhone, you will need to unlock the system with your passcode.

If you do not get the trust this computer message you need to try another USB port, and if this is not working then you should try another original iPhone USB cable.

In special cases, this will still now work and then you need to try holding down the option and on windows the alt key and kick on apple menu and choose system information or system report. If you a device you need to uninstall your anti-virus or security software.

there is also a reason why iPhone might not sync via iTunes this is when sync with the cloud is enabled sometimes the sync option in your iPhone is disabled and you need to check it in the iPhone settings.

IF none of the options is working before it can be that your iPhone has been registered as stolen and you should call the Apple helpdesk to help you further.

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